[Icecast] Cool Mic (Android vorbis live source client) beta available

unosonic un at dom.de
Sun Jan 25 11:34:40 UTC 2015

works ;)

ideas and observations:
- show also bitrates insted of ogg quality settings only
- maybe a more consistent handling of the back button, i.e. when in menus
- seems i can't stop broadcasting ... ? "Stop Broadcast" doesn't do anything,
  only "Quit" stops it.
- an reliable indicator that we're broadcasting (the red flashing appeared
  only once, now it shows a text "connected to server", but no other sign)

i've tested on a Samsung S2, on 4.1.2, so far from latest & greatest...


Jordan Erickson:
> Greetings,
> I would like to announce the beta release of Cool Mic, an Android ogg
> vorbis source client for Icecast 2.x.
> Please have a look at the information at Cool Mic's website, 
> http://coolmic.net and download the beta (it is not available in the
> Play Store yet).
> Please let me know about any bugs you may encounter, suggestions for use
> and if you have any other feedback. I hope you enjoy it!
> Sincerely,
> Jordan Erickson
> -- 
> Jordan Erickson (PGP: 0x78DD41CB)
> LNS: 707-636-5678, http://logicalnetworking.net
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