[Icecast] a dedicated audio encoder

Maarten Bezemer mcbicecast at robuust.nl
Fri Jan 23 16:06:19 UTC 2015

On Fri, 23 Jan 2015, unosonic wrote:

> Maarten Bezemer:
>> The only thing I kinda missed was a recording level control. The only
>> control alsamixer is giving me, is the pcm playback level. So you'd have
>> to make sure the audio you send to it is somehow sane.
> sure? alsamixer has a switch where you can toggle between connected soundcards.
> pcm is default. try alsamixer -c 1 (second card)

Yes, switching is also possible using F6 function key inside alsamixer. 
Doesn't help.

Just did a quick search and found the chip's datasheet: it does have 
mute and volume control (variable attenuation) on DAC (playback), but 
not on ADC (recording). Very bare-bones chip, which is mostly OK if you 
don't need e.g. a teleconferencing application doing automatic input gain 
control based on recorded audio level.


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