[Icecast] a dedicated audio encoder

unosonic un at dom.de
Fri Jan 23 15:50:27 UTC 2015

Maarten Bezemer:
> So, conclusion: PCM2902 works with pi for both playback and recording, as 
> long as you connect it through some random USB2 hub. Doesn't draw much 

thansk for testing. makes some sense with the hub, will try.

> The only thing I kinda missed was a recording level control. The only 
> control alsamixer is giving me, is the pcm playback level. So you'd have 
> to make sure the audio you send to it is somehow sane.

sure? alsamixer has a switch where you can toggle between connected soundcards.
pcm is default. try alsamixer -c 1 (second card)


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