[Icecast] a dedicated audio encoder

Maarten Bezemer mcbicecast at robuust.nl
Thu Jan 22 14:25:37 UTC 2015

Hi u,

On Thu, 22 Jan 2015, unosonic wrote:

> well, sort of, with a PI, Ices2 as a client, and an USB audio device as
> input, e.g. a "class compliant" audio recoder like Olympus LS5, Zoom H2
> etc., but also a little mixer like the Behringer Xenyx 302 USB.
> The problem i've encountered is with USB class1 devices, i.e. so called
> "full speed" USB (which is the slowest one). It requires to force the
> PI into USB1.1 at boot time, which affects the network stack and probably
> others. The result is not satisfying, distorted sound and drops. All fine
> with USB2.0, but haven't found a suitable pre-amp yet. I'd love to try
> with a Sound Devices Mix Pre (battery driven, 2 HQ mic inputs, USB1.1 + 2.0
> compliant, according to the specs). the price tag has prevented that
> experience so far... ;)

Shouldn't USB2.0 ports be able to connect to USB1.1 devices without 
changing the entire stack to USB1?

Can the Xenyx USB mixers be attached as USB2.0 and do these work reliably? 
I'm looking into creating a setup like that with a 5-input Xenyx mixer if 
this works..


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