[Icecast] Building IceS 0.4

Steve Matzura sm at noisynotes.com
Fri Nov 21 21:10:56 UTC 2014

I've been through this once before, and passing the proverbial camel
through the eye of the proverbial needle seemed easier.

$ ./configure
configure:20721: checking for pkg-config
configure:20739: found /usr/bin/pkg-config
configure:20752: result: /usr/bin/pkg-config
configure:20768: /usr/bin/pkg-config couldn't find libshout. Try
adjusting PKG_CONFIG_PATH.
configure:20774: checking for shout-config
configure:20805: result: no
configure:21103: error: Could not find a usable libshout

I have /usr/lib64/libshout.so.3 present. Is this not the correct one?

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