[Icecast] suggestion on appropriate source client

Brad Isbell brad at musatcha.com
Fri Nov 7 08:27:34 PST 2014

Liquidsoap is exactly what you are looking for.


Brad Isbell
brad at musatcha.com

On Fri, Nov 7, 2014 at 9:48 AM, genocid3 <genocid3ita at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> i would like to have some suggestion about the most appropriate source
> client to use in conjunction with IceCast2 given few requirements:
> 1) the client should be able to handle multiple streams simultaneously and
> thus multiple resource folders (for music files).
> 2) the client should be able to be programmatically manipulated (scripting
> or API) and can thus provide a dynamic way to add or remove mountpoints to
> icecast and manage the related music sources.
> 3) i am pretty much going to stream only music files (no dj's or live
> sources).
> 4) i  would prefer something OpenSource.
> 5) the client should be able to automatically detect changes in music
> folders and automatically updated the related playlist (eg i drop an mp3 to
> the /mount1/ music folder and the appropriate playlist for that particular
> stream gets updated).
> 6) should provide fallbacks when empty music folders are present (eg.
> stream "silence").
> Please be gentle, its my first post :)
> Thank you in advance!,
> Emanuel.
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