[Icecast] Keeping icecast + ices 2.X running on a strict schedule?

Jordan Verner jv_erner at hotmail.com
Sat May 24 23:29:04 UTC 2014

I'm using Icecast, Ices, and the script module configuration to serve the playlist to the server. Playlists are scheduled once per day with regularely placed events (like spots) which run at specific times.
Unfortunately it's being served too fast, so it's always getting ahead of schedule (gaining about 10 seconds on every hour).
I have tried adjusting the flush-samples setting in ices.xml and the queue size in the icecast.xml file to no avail.
I've had to resort to implementing a forced delay into the php script which feeds the filenames to ices, so that if ices calls it significantly early it'll wait to issue the next filename until it's closer to it's scheduled start time. This was causing disconnects whenever it became deviated beyond 10 seconds. Disabling source timeout fixed this, but still it tries to get as far ahead as physically possible and takes as much wiggle room as I give it plus more.
Is there any fix for this? Streaming for 24 hours would have it calling the script as much as 4 minutes ahead of schedule, forcing my script to hang for all that time before issuing each and every filename.
This is way too much deviation for streams which stick to a schedule. Two weeks of streaming would have everything an hour early.
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