[Icecast] Hiccup on streaming

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Fri May 23 20:44:29 UTC 2014

On 05/23/2014 06:55 PM, dragonauta wrote:
> Hi all, this is my first time on this list.
> I have a very basic icecast2 server installed from Ubuntu repository.
> It's running on a linux Ubuntu Studio 12.04 LTS with an Athlon 64 X2
> 5200+.
> This linux box is at a Community FM Radio Station.
> We installed a radio automatization software called "Radit".
> Radit is developed by a spanish guy and runs very well. It's open
> source and multi-platform.
> Radit is a four program combo: an automatizer, an encoder, a weather
> reporter (get humidity, temp,etc) and a playing grid.
> Sorry if I can't describe exactly, english is not my main language.
> The encoder uses mp3, ogg and aac+, with bitrates from 32 to 320.
> The problem is that we have some hiccups on the streaming.
> Example, lets say we listen the phrase: "this is my black pencil"
> on the streaming we hear:"this...ak pencil"

To get a better idea of where that happens you should check if this
"skipping" is the same for all listeners, if yes, then it comes from the
source client, if not it is something between icecast and the listener

> I didn't play much with config, just changed user, password and host
> The encoder is pointing to localhost and I've tried every combination
> of mp3,ogg and aac+ with different bitrates.
> We hear hiccups all the time from internet (it's not the buffering
> hold, that is normal).
> I've checked PC, everything is normal. I didn't have yet the chance to
> listen from same lan.
> Maybe someone can point me right direction.

It could be that the source client skips for some reason, e.g. because
of CPU load. This can easily happen also on a multi-CPU system if the
encoding is single threaded and saturates the core on which it's running.

I don't have an immediate idea where your problem could be coming from,
so it's important to go step by step and rule out each part. It might
help to look at all possible logging, both on the source and on the
icecast (error.log) side.

Good luck fixing your issue!


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