[Icecast] dynamic source creation?

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Sun Jun 8 18:11:56 UTC 2014

On Sun, 8 Jun 2014, uno wrote:

> now that i have dynamic source auth working fine, i wonder if it's possible
> to also create a souce dynamically, i.e. without defining a specific
> mount in icecast.xml? I've seen some hints, but havn't found it in the
> docs. tips appreciated, thanks,

To do this, you need to use the global source password specified in the 
config file.  You just use that password and specify the mountpoint in 
the client.

I'm not aware of any way to do global source auth that would allow for 
separate passwords for dynamic mount creation, but I'm also not really 
aware of a use case for this either.


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