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Maarten S maartensvo at live.nl
Mon Feb 3 12:05:32 UTC 2014

Hopefully you have the opportunity to get me in the right direction. 
For a small group, around 10 people, we are looking for setting up IceCast on a central server.The idea is that each of us will use this service to enable live internet broadcasts to our listeners:
Microphone --> encoder --> INTERNET --> Server + IceCast --> INTERNET --> Listener
As I understand for setting up ourselves our own Windows or Linux based server: this should be possible with the tools provided at www.icecast.org/download.php.
But the idea is actually to use the server of our Provider as host server:      - either in the cloud solution (only applicable for Java/PHP applications),      - or in the shared webhosting platform (only applicable for PHP applications)For that we should have a JAVA or PHP based IceCast application. 
Now my understanding is that IceCast from www.icecast.org/download.php cannot support this.Is that understanding correct and what is your advice for realizing our initiative?
I am much obliged if you can give us the right direction.
Best regards,
Maarten van den SteenNetherlands 		 	   		  
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