[Icecast] Multiple Instances of Icecast???/

Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Mon Dec 1 15:52:35 PST 2014


On Mon, 2014-12-01 at 21:48 +0000, Dean Sauer wrote:
> In tracking an issue, see posts in re sources being dropped...
> I've found that there are MULTIPLE INSTANCES of icecast running...???
> example:
> top - 16:43:51 up 45 days, 10:25,  0 users,  load average: 0.45, 0.31, 
> 0.17
> [...]

Have you set top to display threads instead of processes?
Do you use <on-connect>/<on-disconnect>?

> Feeds are still reachable, and audio plays... but in the past multiple 
> instances of icecast has been shown to be an issue 
> Is there some reason that this is spawning new instances?????

No. It doesn't make sense nor is there any code in current or old
icecast versions that could do that.

> IC V2.3.2 (We are using that for reasons I've stated here already, 
> thanks.)
> Host: Ubuntu 12.04 64 2GB RAM/2GB Swap, OVz VM VPS setup
> Ideas????

Calming down a bit, then answering my questions.

 (Rah of PH2)
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