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Phil - w2lie w2lie at w2lie.net
Sat Oct 19 14:28:25 UTC 2013

I replied yesterday, but think I missed the group:

What you need to do is tell Broadcastify that you have your own Icecast 
server.  Give them the full URL, port, and mount name. They are the ones 
that need to configure the relay.

I currently stream multiple live scanner feeds via my own Icecast 
install, but have Broadcastify relaying only 4 of my feed (the 
countywide feeds).  If you change your Icecast URL, you will need to 
notify them.

If you are using their services strictly to support smart phones, there 
are other options.  You can reach out directly to the author of Scanner 
Radio app (Gordon Edwards), and see if he can add your feeds to the 
directory.   Using that method, my listeners can find my countywide 
feeds under Broadcastify and under w2lie.net.   All my other feeds 
appear under the w2lie.net directory.

Good luck.
Phil / w2lie

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On 10/18/2013 12:16 AM, Bellingham Scanner wrote:
> I have been using Icecast to host live police scanner audio, along 
> with Darkice. Besides hosting my own streams I also provide my stream 
> to Radio Reference/Broadcastify to make my stream available to 
> smartphone users.
> Anyway I have found that if the Broadcastify server goes down it also 
> causes by locally hosted feed to be unavailable. Now this is probably 
> more of a Darkice issue because it is Darkice that has the problem 
> since it encodes the audio and feeds my Icecast server and Broadcastfy 
> (Who I believe is using a version of Icecast)
> My question is can I set up Icecast as a relay to Broadcastify? I read 
> the short documentation on relaying but I do not understand it 
> completely. As Broadcastify has supplied me with a server, password, 
> and mount point. I seems like I would simply use a single broadcast 
> relay but I see no way to use the password.
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