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Bellingham Scanner bhamscanner at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 18 04:16:25 UTC 2013

I have been using Icecast to host live police scanner audio, along with Darkice. Besides hosting my own streams I also provide my stream to Radio Reference/Broadcastify to make my stream available to smartphone users.

Anyway I have found that if the Broadcastify server goes down it also causes by locally hosted feed to be unavailable. Now this is probably more of a Darkice issue because it is Darkice that has the problem since it encodes the audio and feeds my Icecast server and Broadcastfy (Who I believe is using a version of Icecast)

My question is can I set up Icecast as a relay to Broadcastify? I read the short documentation on relaying but I do not understand it completely. As Broadcastify has supplied me with a server, password, and mount point. I seems like I would simply use a single broadcast relay but I see no way to use the password. 

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