[Icecast] settings for ices with ubuntu 13.10 on VPS

jonathan candler Jonathancandler_msa at q.com
Thu Nov 14 13:40:10 UTC 2013

Hi all. so I have configured my ices configuration but another question has come up for me. the stream is started, but when I go and play it back from my computer just to test it, it buffers like crazy. like, I’m running iTunes and it will say, “opening URL, reading stream”. for a few seconds and then everything will be find but I only will get a little  clip or sound of audio for like a milla second and then stop. does anyone have any settings that I should change in order for my audio to play properly on my server? Again, I’m using a ubuntu server running 13.10 and it’s on a VPS. If you can help me with this, I would be very grateful.

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