[Icecast] trying to configure ices... and not sure if this is the right list to talk about it here.

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Wed Nov 13 09:50:09 UTC 2013

On Tue, 12 Nov 2013, jonathan candler wrote:

> Hi all. I’m not sure f this is the correct list to talk about this here

It is.

> I was wondering how you would go about configuring ices? I have tried 
> writing my own .xml file but got errors like parsing errors. and I can’t 
> find the examples any where. I’ve looked in my root directory on my 
> server and the way I’ve installed ices is by apt-get. I’m running a VPS 
> and I would like to install it so that I can do automation with it. does 
> anyone know how I can get the sample .xml files like it said in the 
> documentation? or how I could write my own? Thanks and have a good day.

The examples are almost certainly in the package somewhere.  They could be 
in a number of places, depending on how it was packaged.

Two good things to try:

1.  Look in /usr/share/doc/<packagename> - a file like README.Debian may 
tell you specific things about the package.

2.  'dpkg -L <packagename>' will list a package's contents if it's 
installed.  You can see where the files are.


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