[Icecast] Sporadic Issues

Judd, Taylor Allen tjudd at illinois.edu
Tue Feb 26 15:59:16 UTC 2013

Thanks for all the feedback. We haven't found any specific reason for the reported issue, but since our site redesign our listenership has gone up significantly so we're going to stick with it until we can find a specific issue with icecast, media element, or some other component. 


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The problem is not icecast streaming, its trying to stream through a browser. It is very complicated to do. Each browser has it quirks depending on OS, version and what other audio programs that are
installed.   Having the external player link should resolve the
issues. We gotten from using a browser player to letting the customer choose there fave audio player to use :)  Even this has cause issues with some browser configurations.  Life would been allot easyer if everyone choose he same formats but how do we find out which is best

 My suggestion for people using safari on windows is to install Quicktime if not installed, that most of the time fixes that issue.
Or have them change to another browser.

  But still programs like Windows Media Player, WinAmp, and Quicktime work much easyer for everyone to play audio thru.

 Then now, are you thinking about mobile devices?  Luckily that little easyer to work with since there are only a few platforms to work with not the 40 or 50 for computer users.

I find Icecast is a very good server program, The only drawback I have with it there only a few source clients that can connect to it. We have had servers running for probably 5 years now, with very little down time cause by icecast issues, We have had lot more due to internet.


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