[Icecast] maximum file descriptor limit - icecast freeze

Rücker Thomas thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Thu Feb 21 07:29:07 UTC 2013

On 20/02/13 19:38, Alexandru Matei wrote:
> Hi!
> A week ago I had a blocked icecast server because of the open files. I
> read some posts about the 1024 fd limit but this is not the case. My
> stations rarely has 300 listeners. From the log I can see that around
> 3PM I had 7 listeners on a mount and 35 on another one. Then, suddenly
> the only line written to the log is
> [2013-02-13  15:59:06] WARN connection/accept_client accept() failed
> with error 24: Too many open files
> After some hours I found out about this issue and had to kill icecast.
> The stop command didn't work. This is the only time this happened.
> If it were about the number of listerners they would have showed up in
> the log... So...could have been an attack? The others system logs were
> clean.

Sounds like that KH-build is leaking file descriptors under certain 

> I'm running ubuntu 10.04 lts and icecast 2.3.3 kh5 branch - build 30-gfe06a77
Any particular reason you are using icecast-kh instead of the icecast2 
package from the ubuntu repositories?


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