[Icecast] configuration

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Sun Apr 21 12:08:38 UTC 2013


On 04/20/2013 04:33 PM, Ashwin Kumar wrote:
> can any one tell me about the configurations and best practices, as i
> see the  documentation
> in http://www.icecast.org/docs/icecast-2.3.3/icecast2_config_file.html is
> good to get started, but i want to tune configuration. 

This is the authoritative documentation, there is not much beyond that.
If you have specific questions about parts or something is unclear, then
you can ask here on the mailing list.

> i want to know about fine tuning audio quality, security, any other
> stuff related to noise reduction or any thing makes me good at
> configuring stream.

As Icecast doesn't touch the stream content, the quality and other audio
parameters are out of the scope. That is something that you'll have to
tackle on the side of the source client.

> can you please improve it for new guys like me.

We're happy to improve our documentation, but for that we need to know
what is unclear or missing.
You can also file tickets about documentation at https://trac.xiph.org



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