[Icecast] Problems with low frame rate streams

Rücker Thomas thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Fri Sep 7 10:40:30 UTC 2012

Hi Gábor,

On 05/09/12 16:01, Gábor Kövesdán wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm developing a streaming solution with quite uncommon characteristics.
> We have some image snapshots that arrive regularly but with a very low
> frequency and we would like to be observe these images a video stream.
> The conversion to video is easy, ffmpeg can create a Theora ogg stream
> from the static pictures and I already got it working. The problem is
> that I cannot go below 4 fps. The images arrive with less frequency than
> 4 image / second so I would like to decrease the frame rate. If I just
> generate a video, I can open it on VLC but it only works through Icecast
> if the frame rate is at least 4. As a result, the system is quite
> CPU-intensive, while it could work more effectively with much less fps,
> even 0.25 or around. Has anyone experienced such a problem? Is there any
> easy solution? Or is it some kind of internal limitation of Icecast?

Could you shed some more light on what the actual problem is?
Icecast's behaviour, logs at debug level. Client software behaviour, etc.

Without that it's really hard to even guess what is going wrong...



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