[Icecast] Problems with low frame rate streams

Gábor Kövesdán gabor at t-hosting.hu
Wed Sep 5 13:01:39 UTC 2012


I'm developing a streaming solution with quite uncommon characteristics. 
We have some image snapshots that arrive regularly but with a very low 
frequency and we would like to be observe these images a video stream. 
The conversion to video is easy, ffmpeg can create a Theora ogg stream 
from the static pictures and I already got it working. The problem is 
that I cannot go below 4 fps. The images arrive with less frequency than 
4 image / second so I would like to decrease the frame rate. If I just 
generate a video, I can open it on VLC but it only works through Icecast 
if the frame rate is at least 4. As a result, the system is quite 
CPU-intensive, while it could work more effectively with much less fps, 
even 0.25 or around. Has anyone experienced such a problem? Is there any 
easy solution? Or is it some kind of internal limitation of Icecast?

Thanks in advance,

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