[Icecast] Icecast WebM support patch, Version 2

Krad Radio kradradio at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 04:38:57 UTC 2012

Rillian was right, the match byte function was not only hard to read, but
also flawed. ;P

The concept of simply splitting on cluster boundaries is as sound as it was
last week, but it is none the less,
highly coupled to actually having your code split on cluster boundaries
more than just most of the time.
I've reworked my patch, and I have been able to stream for over 30 hours
continuously with gstreamer, and also with krad link.

In the last hour, I cleaned up the white-space and style issues, hopefully
without accidentally changing how the code works.
I'm not going to make any claims, other than this is version 2, until
further testing is done.

Our intention is to move to full parsing, in order to enable a rich
metadata experience. Currently essentially no-metadata is even possible,
as including icy- http headers is likely to confuse client software. Tags
are a top level element in WebM and are arbitrary as Vorbis tags are,
with a few conventions there are lots of possibilities here.


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