[Icecast] Including station directory list in 3rd-party services

Paul Webster paul at dabdig.com
Thu Feb 16 20:58:25 UTC 2012


I am interested to know what the rules are about including the station directory in 3rd-party services.
Apologies in advance if I am dragging up an old and well known topic. I browsed the wiki and searched the archives for
reference to "Directory" and also to a couple of the big station directory services and found only references to interop
with SHOUTcast YP.

If it is allowed to include station details (name, description, genre, stream URL) - can someone give a pointer to
documentation on how to get the list and, efficiently, get updates - or is it a matter of going through the source and
working it out?

I ask because I help (as a volunteer) with the updates to a couple of the station directories that are used by internet
radio devices.

Paul Webster

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