[Icecast] Icecast WebM support patch

Krad Radio kradradio at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 19:16:23 UTC 2012

Attached is a patch for adding webm streaming support to icecast svn.

Also available is my git tree:

My git tree is behind the svn version a little bit, I will update it soon,
the webm code is identical.

Please note the following:

1) This version has no external dependencies, the EBML parsing is built
into the format_ebml plugin. In the future this will most likely be an
external library, that's the plan, but my goal is to satisfy whatever the
requirements are, and also provide easy access to working webm streaming as
soon as possible.

2) Your queue size setting most likely needs to be increased. WebM
streaming is dependent on starting on a cluster of a known size (after the
header), if a cluster is larger than your queue then icecast will drop it.
This is the same idea as Ogg pages. This limitation is due to the existing
code in media player clients, not the format itself.

On my test server I use the following:


We may want to add a separate setting for burst/queue size for ebml based
streams since the bitrate can be 50-100X higher than audio. We will figure
out the best course of action here as more people start testing and using

3) I will be providing binaries of my V4L2 source client very soon, sources
are available now but are tricky to compile at the moment. At that time
I'll also provide an open public testing server.


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