[Icecast] Making a smooth transition between sources?

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Wed Feb 1 18:17:09 UTC 2012

Hi Tom,

2012/2/1 Tom Swirly <tom at swirly.com>:
> Oh, this seems very cool - but, it doesn't handle the actual streaming, am I
> right, just mixes multiple relay streams together?
> Or, does it actually stream from playlists on the server?  If so, I'd switch
> in a moment!

If you are looking for a server-side smooth transition solution then
Liquidsoap should be your friend:

> I also have my own Python code to do things like "auto-Twitter"
> https://twitter.com/#!/swirlyRadioList

The Flows service provided by liquidsoap also allows twitter push. It
is rather experimental for now but it should be live and documented


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