[Icecast] Info on AccuRadio

Antonio Lambe AntonioLambe at AAmbiental.org
Sun Nov 27 21:49:16 UTC 2011

Dear Icecast,

         I listen quite regularly the music streamed by the Accu 
Classical station and I must first thank the person(s) responsible 
for the fine and varied programme.  It has given me many hours of pleasure.

         My only quibble concerns the information provided about what 
is being played.  This will often identify the players, the LSO, for 
example, or the kind of composition, for string trio, say; but NOT 
the composer.  As a concession to your less knowledgeable listeners, 
could you furnish the works' creators as well, please?  Or else 
simply send me a URL of where such details are disclosed?

         Many thanks.

         Antonio Lambe  
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