[Icecast] Multiple Mounts (streams) Managed by Virtual Sound Board

Winn Johnston winnjohnston at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 15:59:49 UTC 2011

> > All,
> > I am looking for a way to manage multiple streams (mounts) by a virtual
> > sound board. For example:
> > mount-baltimore.ogg --> virtual channel 1
> > mount-philly.ogg --> virtual channel 2
> > mount-pitt.ogg --> virtual channel 3
> > mount-new-york.ogg --> virtual channel 4
> > Main Virtual Out (speaker output) --> Physical Channel 1
> > Any ideas?
> > Thanks
> > -winn

> Control How?
> The easyest way I can think of using an encoder per channel, on the
> top of my head i don't know of 1 that can handle multiple streams with
> multiple inputs. So running an encoder per stream would do you.
> _______________________________________________


I would like to control what stream is playing over the main channel, or
bring up two streams up on the same channel.  A real world example would
be, i have a show originating from one of my DJ's in New York City @
9:00pm. Then at 10:00pm i have another show originating from Pittsburgh. I
don't want my users to have to change the channel nor do i want to allow
any one of my DJs control over the main channel. So without having
a different computer in my house for each city and running the main out
into my physical board, i would like to do it virtually on one machine.

Any ideas?

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