[Icecast] some questions about configuring icecast

mike and bud mstopka at jmshosting.us
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here is wat i am trying to do.

i need to make a mount for brodband stream which i no how to do
then i need to make a dialup mount which i am hoping i can get the dj to
beable to connect to both mounts at the same time without them having to set
up to different incodders

then i need a mount for autodj

and one for testing dj's

does someone have a file with some simillar to help me along or any ideas

use the latiest icecast with debian nstable.

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I'm using the FallBackmount which work great.

However I have a lot of Micro source-drops and then my listeners are moved
to the fallback mountpoint ( normal ) but there is no mechanism to move them
back to the main mountpoint when it become available again. I then moved my
listener through the web interface .

Is that a feature implemented/planned ?

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