[Icecast] multiple source clients into a single icecast server

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Mon Nov 7 22:35:46 UTC 2011


2011/11/7  <gsam at advancena.com>:
> I am relatively new to icecast and have a question about a unique
> configuration. I would like to know if anyone has experience 'sinking'
> multiple source clients (ices2.0.x) into a single icecast streaming server?
> I would like to source content from a large number of streaming clients
> (dozens or maybe even hundreds), composite them into a single stream
> (essentially like an audio mixing board) and then have the streaming server
> serve up this new composite content to only a few listeners.
> It is somewhat the reverse of a traditional streaming server configuration
> (a single or very small number of source clients into the streaming server
> and numerous listening clients). Here is what I have in mind:
>   Many      ---> |-------------|
>   source    ---> |   Streaming  |--------> small number of listener clients
>   clients      :    |    server      |
>                  :    |                  |
>                ---> |-------------|
> Can this be done with icecast as implemented? If not and code modifications
> are necessary, what modules might one need to modify? Ideally, I would also
> like to apply a variable gain to each source client's channel independently
> before the composite process. Any help would be most appreciated.

You should be able to do that using Liquidsoap. A single running
liquidsoap instance can accept multiple icecast/shoutcast source
connections, create a single stream out of them and stream the result
to Icecast.

You can contact us at savonet-users at lists.sourceforge.net or lookup
online at http://savonet.sf.net/ for more details..


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