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Although it might be possible to do this, it is most likely not what you're after. One can of worms being timing and delay screwing with synchronization.

I'd suggest to do the part where you juggle all those audio feeds outside the icecast scope, e.g. Some audio-conferencing/voip solution and feed the result to icecast using a source client.

If you really don't care about aforementioned problems: run all those ices instances to individual mount points, then play each of them back into a sound-server using e.g. ogg123 and source that into ices/icecast as /cacophonia.ogg ;-) -- you've been warned.

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On 7.11.2011 21:49 gsam at advancena.com wrote:

I am relatively new to icecast and have a question about a unique configuration. I would like to know if anyone has experience 'sinking' multiple source clients (ices2.0.x) into a single icecast streaming server? I would like to source content from a large number of streaming clients (dozens or maybe even hundreds), composite them into a single stream (essentially like an audio mixing board) and then have the streaming server serve up this new composite content to only a few listeners.

It is somewhat the reverse of a traditional streaming server configuration (a single or very small number of source clients into the streaming server and numerous listening clients). Here is what I have in mind:

  Many      ---> |-------------|
  source    ---> |   Streaming  |--------> small number of listener clients
  clients      :    |    server      |
                 :    |                  |
               ---> |-------------|

Can this be done with icecast as implemented? If not and code modifications are necessary, what modules might one need to modify? Ideally, I would also like to apply a variable gain to each source client's channel independently before the composite process. Any help would be most appreciated.

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