[Icecast] Standard method to read current listeners without user/password

josh at thepruitts.org josh at thepruitts.org
Fri May 13 01:55:38 UTC 2011

There is a file /status.xsl that contains all the status information for 
your server.

For example, mine:  http://radio.foxcub.net:8000/status.xsl

You can either parse it with your favorite x?l parsing library or scrape 
it for listener info.

You can see an example of this in action at my page:  

It shows number of listeners and song playing.


On 05/12/2011 05:48 PM, Ross Levis wrote:
> Is there a standard method to read the current number of listeners 
> from an icecast2 server without knowing the admin user/password?
> We produce radio broadcasting/streaming software for Windows which can 
> show the current number of listeners.  Many Icecast hosting companies 
> won't provide the admin password as they have lots of other customers 
> using the same server, so the software doesn't have access to the 
> stats.xml.
> I'm guessing there isn't any other built-in method, in which case we 
> would have to suggest the customer switches to a Shoutcast server 
> which is disappointing.
> Regards,
> Ross.
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