[Icecast] Question about setting up a mixing board Icecast2 Ices Winamp

Winn Johnston winnjohnston at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 16:41:50 UTC 2011


(first post)
I have been running icecast2 with ices on my Debian server for some
time. I use the winamp plugin too.  I have now decided to do live
mobile broadcasts, but it is a little clunky. I am looking to purchase
a small mixing board, i have a 58 Mic i will use with it. So here is
what my proposed setup,

1. Setup with a wireless mic system on channel 1
2. streaming music on channel 2 & 3
3. phone on channel 4
4. Icecast2 (Debian)
5. Ices (Debian)
6. winamp plugin (MS Windows 7 64 bit)
7. stream type .ogg

all running into my laptop's line in or mic in.

I could really use some suggestions or critiques on this before i jump in.

Thanks All, and happy Friday!


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