[Icecast] Generation of M3U and XSPF

Sebastien Bordes sebastien.bordes at webeo.fr
Mon Feb 28 20:21:44 UTC 2011


I'm a new user of icecast which is a really cool software.

I use it with the the http proxy module of apache httpd to do port
forwarding with 2 sub domains.

On my router i forward all tcp traffic of the port 80 to my server.

2 Sub domains are redirected to my server :

radio.mydomain.com (icecast)
music.mydomain.com (ampache)

my apache server host the ampache application with a dedicated virtual host.
and use the proxy module to forward request to the icecast appliaction withe
apropriated port.

The stream can be correctly listen inside and outside my network

But the problem is that the content of the m3u and xspf file use local url
=> with local port

How can I change this generation , Is it possible to add a property
(external url, external port) in the configuration file and to apply a patch
on the fserve.c source file

Here is the code to change :

    *        config = config_get_config();
            snprintf (httpclient->refbuf->data, BUFSIZE,
                    "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n"
                    "Content-Type: audio/x-mpegurl\r\n\r\n"
                    config->hostname, config->port,

Or do you know an alternative to hide port to users..


sebastien.bordes at gmail.com - http://blog.webeo.fr
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