[Icecast] We can not start up icecast

Keith Roberts keith at karsites.net
Thu Feb 24 07:18:15 UTC 2011

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011, Michael Smith wrote:

> To: Luis Barrett <getpaid00 at gmail.com>
> From: Michael Smith <msmith at xiph.org>
> Subject: Re: [Icecast] We can not start up icecast
> When you get this error message, further details are available in the
> icecast error log, unless you've disabled error logging.
> If you've disabled error logging, then re-enable it. Then you'll be
> able to read the log file.

Hi Mike.

I had this on Centos 5.5, and there was not even a 
/var/log/icecast directory after installing from RPM 

I had to then create the icecast directory by hand, and 
change the permissions to icecast:icecast before icecast 
would create and write the error.log and access.log.

Another thing was in icecast.xml under the log section:


It seems like the path to the log files is hard coded to 
/var/log/icecast/ - as I tried to add the path and icecast 
was already looking in /var/log/icecast to write the log 

Kind Regards,

Keith Roberts


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