[Icecast] Help with building config icecast.xml file

Huw - Junglised contact at junglised.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 00:16:13 UTC 2011

Hi all. I'm having some difficulty in writing the config file. I've
had this working in the past, but Im failing miserably on it this time.

This is the setup I need: 

/Stream - Always there, flash mp3 player
pulls from it. 

/autodj - ices will be pushing audio to this 24/7

/dj1 - this is the mount a dj connects to when they want to go live

/djoverride - this mount has priority over dj1. If I connect to it,
dj1 is no longer live. 

I understand I need to setup /stream as a
relay, and have it fall back on /djoverride, which falls back on /dj1
which falls back on /autodj 

If anybody feels generous enough to spend
a few minutes laying out the icecast.xml file for me to get this
running, they'll have a new best friend. I've been trying for the past
hour and half, so I'll be bald by the end of the night if I carry on!

Many thanks. 

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