[Icecast] Shoutcast directory listing?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Mon Aug 8 17:58:21 UTC 2011

On 08/08/11 18:15, Raymond Lutz wrote:
> I've been reading posts on the difficulty in getting an icecast stream
> listed in the shoutcast directory. Apparently, it is necessary to run
> the shoutcast server to do this. Before I go down a cheeseless rathole,

The protocol for the directory is different to ours and when it was 
stated that entries not from shoutcast servers would be banned then no 
one went for reverse engineering it.

> I thought I'd pass this over this list to see what response I would get.
> From what I have read, it is not possible to relay an icecast stream to
> a shoutcast server. Various posts say that you must start with shoutcast
> server and use icecast as the relay. (I don't want to do this because we
> already have a perl script written to work with ices and I don't want to
> have to redo it to work with shoutcast. It looks feasible but will still
> be quite a bit of work because there is no state saved between calls
> from shoutcast. In ices, all program state can be maintained in memory.)

you should be able to allow shoutcast to relay icecast by adding an 
alias of / to /stream

<alias source="/" dest="/stream" />

you can also optionally add port or bind-address in there so that it 
only applies to requests on those incoming ports/addresses.


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