[Icecast] Shoutcast directory listing?

Raymond Lutz raylutz at cognisys.com
Mon Aug 8 17:15:42 UTC 2011

I've been reading posts on the difficulty in getting an icecast stream 
listed in the shoutcast directory. Apparently, it is necessary to run 
the shoutcast server to do this. Before I go down a cheeseless rathole, 
I thought I'd pass this over this list to see what response I would get. 
>From what I have read, it is not possible to relay an icecast stream to 
a shoutcast server. Various posts say that you must start with shoutcast 
server and use icecast as the relay. (I don't want to do this because we 
already have a perl script written to work with ices and I don't want to 
have to redo it to work with shoutcast. It looks feasible but will still 
be quite a bit of work because there is no state saved between calls 
from shoutcast. In ices, all program state can be maintained in memory.)

The reason I am opening up this issue again is because it appears that 
shoutcast has introduced a relay mechanism in their calendaring facility 
(see http://www.shoutcast2.com/stream/sc_trans/)

    - A new type of event as been added to the calendaring system that
    allows you to relay other stations. (see calendarxml.txt for more

in calendarxml.txt it says:

    3.3   Relay Events

    This allows you to make use of the relaying support within sc_trans
    and so when used in
    the event system will allow you to control when a relay is allowed
    to connect to you
    sc_trans instance (much like the DJ support mentioned earlier).

    The parameters supported for this event type are:

    url : Specify the url of the source to be relayed.

    priority : Specify the priority of the source when a relay event
    overlaps with that of
                another relay event. The result in this case is that the
    relay event with the
                highest priority will become active.

                Note: Supported priority values are 1 (default) and higher.

    e.g. This would enable the relaying of the stream on 'my_site' on
    port 9000

    <relay url="http://my_site:9000" priority="1"/>

    Note: It may be necessary to append /; onto the end of the url as in
    some cases the wrong
           mime type will be returned from the server and so causes the
    relay url fail to be
           recognised by sc_trans. This depends on the server.

What is wrong with this scenario.
1. Currently running icecast server 2.3.2 and ices0.4 using mp3 
(32kbps/22050Hz) and custom perl script to serve up the content. 
2. Install shoutcast dnas and sc_trans
3. use calendaring system to add a relay from icecast,
<relay url="http://airprogressive.org:8000/stream" priority="1"/>

Anyone tried this yet?
 From just reading it, it seems like it might work, but I am worried 
that relaying the listening stream is not the right way to go. Is there 
some reason it is not feasible to relay the same stream that would be 
sent to a listener?



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