[Icecast] creating a station from the ground up

Christian Eichert eichertc at googlemail.com
Thu May 6 00:25:45 UTC 2010

I don't think this is a problem.

Icecast is such a application. All you need is to install the server 
somewhere on a shell and use a client such as ices to stream to the server.
How to install these 2 Applications is very easy, and mainly depending 
on the operating system you want to use.

I recommend you to use DR DOS. Its a Operating System with roots in the 
early 70's its small and fast like hell, and almost unknown.
It has a compiler and you can compile Icecast on it.
The oficial Site is http://www.drdos.com/ inofficial sites are 
http://www.drdos.net/ or http://www.drdos.org/

[...] Modern DOS systems like Enhanced Dr-DOS and FreeDOS have much more 
features than old MS-DOS - so forget about old days of MS-DOS. ;-) DOS 
is the only family of operating system which can play your mp3s, check 
your e-mails or browse the internet and only needs /~20 MB RAM/ and 
/0.1GB/ of hard disk. You can f.e. start a mp3 player one second after 
BIOS check (Mpxplay 
Linux tools can be easily ported like Mplayer <http://www.mplayerhq.hu>. 
Some Windows software are able to run in DOS using HX DOS 
Extender. With 4DOS 
a command line exists which is much better than Windows CMD or Bash. And 
most software is under an open source license (f.e. FreeDOS under GPL).  


Am 05.05.2010 23:39, schrieb bob cavanaugh:
> Hey all, I am looking to start my own station, but don't know where do 
> start. I have edcast, so will use that to originate my programs. 
> However, how do I set up a server to broadcast to? Thanks.
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