[Icecast] slightly offtopic, uninstalling edcast

chiapas at aktivix.org chiapas at aktivix.org
Sun Aug 15 08:01:54 UTC 2010


On 15 August 2010 04:33, bob cavanaugh <bobdavcav at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi all, I have edcast on my computer, but I didn’t check the box to install
> the mp3 encoder,

You don't need to check the box to install the MP3 encoder.

Just download a LAME bundle from here:


And place lame_enc.dll in the same folder as Edcast.


> and it is not installing correctly after it has been
> deleted from the location it is installed in.

"...not installing correctly..."?

> It doesn’t show up in the
> control panel list, so can’t do anything about it there. How do I completely
> remove edcast from my machine and start over?

Don't think Edcast writes to Registry so you should be fine just
deleting the Edcast folder and starting again, if you feel you must.

If you want to make sure then you could try using an uninstall utility
such as Revo Uninstaller but because Edcast is not in Control Panel
then I don't think it has made any changes to the Registry.


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