[Icecast] Some questions on ices

Михаил Полубояринов pma at estet.me
Sat Sep 5 00:52:36 UTC 2009

Hello. I had such question. I need to organise 2 types of an announcement
live and non-stop. I have organised non-stop of an announcement with the
help ices now at me it is necessary to organise a problem live
announcements. Whether also me it would be desirable to know probably what
or in the image in playlist ices to specify the reference to a stream and
that it at work of this stream remained on it and after stream switching-off
played playlist further. To connect a stream tried in the different ways,
but it in what has not resulted. Whether it is possible as that in the image
to make. A problem in that that I broadcast in 3х qualities it is 64 kbs, 96
kbs and 128kbs. In advance thanks for the answer.
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