[Icecast] Who sets the mount point?

Eric Kolotyluk eric at sfu.ca
Tue Oct 27 21:49:18 UTC 2009

Sorry for what seems like a real newbie question, but who actually sets 
the mount point? Is it the client/source, the icecast.xml file, or both?

I find the IceCast configuration documentation quite confusing as it 
does not really explain mount points very well. If someone would take 
the time to explain things to me I would volunteer to improve the 

Case in point. I've been using IceCast for years, but never really 
understood what I was doing. Recently I installed IceCast 2.3.1 on my 
new computer. I have not configured anything - everything is the default 
out of the box experience. As far as I can tell the default icecast.xml 
file does not actually have any mount points defined, they are all 
commented out. Am I correct?

I'm using the ODDCAST DSP with Winamp. As far as I can tell IceCast 
locked on to the first mount point I configured in ODDCAST, which 
happened to be example-complex.ogg, and now I cannot seem to change it. 
Is this how IceCast works, it takes whatever the client/source sends it 
and then automatically creates a mount point?

My problem now is my ODDCAST DSP seems to be locked into 
example-complex.ogg as its 'destination' and won't release it even when 
I change the mount point in the DSP Config settings. I would like to 
change the mount point to something else, but I cannot figure out how. 
Has the mount point "example-complex.ogg" been locked into my Winamp 
configuration somewhere, or is something in the IceCast configuration 
that is forcing this mount point?

I have uninstalled the ODDCAST DSP and reinstalled it, and the DPS still 
thinks it's configured to "example-complex.ogg" even though it has not 
connected to IceCast yet. I suspect there is some magic winamp/oddcast 
config file somewhere, but I am unable to find it (as Windows search 
mechanism is hopelessly lame).

Cheers, Eric

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