[Icecast] How to get listed in dir.xiph.org?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Sun Oct 18 03:19:48 UTC 2009

On 18/10/09 00:43, John Hicks wrote:
> I've been trying to tweak my icecast.xml file to get listed in
> xip.xiph.org, but am not making any progress.
> I'm running icecast 2.3.1 and darkice 0.19
> Here are what I think are the relvant parts of icecast.xml:
> <directory>
> <yp-url-timeout>15</yp-url-timeout>
> <yp-url>http://dir.xiph.org/cgi-bin/yp-cgi</yp-url>
> </directory>
> and
> <mount>
> <mount-name>/stream.ogg</mount-name>
> <fallback-mount>/Silence.ogg</fallback-mount>
> <fallback-override>1</fallback-override>
> <hidden>0</hidden>
> <no-yp>0</no-yp>
> <public>1</public>
> </mount>

> How often is the directory refreshed? (How patient should I be?)

The public setting here is an override mainly for on-demand relays but 
you should find a setting in the source client (as Geoff suggested). 
Besides that check the icecast error log, if YP support is disabled then 
that will be reported also if there is an error in adding the entry then 
the error will be logged (eg an invalid hostname).   While icecast may 
only add the entry after about a minute, the directory should show the 
entry fairly quickly after that.


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