[Icecast] Darkice / Icecast2 - please assist - next problem

Tillmann A. Basien | ToolBox Solution GmbH tab at tbsol.de
Tue May 5 20:24:51 UTC 2009

After I changed in darkice config  [Icecast-0] to [Icecast2-0] as 
mention from Thomas, I got a connect to the Icecast2 Server.
But I can not here anything.

During my analysis I found out:
1) Darkice is producing data (localDumpfile and darkice prints at the 
end "3530752 bytes transfered to the encoders")
2) I see network traffic between darkice and icecast2, also a connect 
steatment in the log

I tried in darkice remoteDumpfile and also in icecast2 with out success.
I used "ices" and the dumpfile is generated and the client plays what I 

:-)   MP3file -> ices (mp3) -> Icecast 2.3.1-> client works
:-(  /dev/dsp -> DarkIce 0.17.1 (mp3) -> Icecast 2.3.1-> client does not 

Is there any spezical flag in darkice config or icecast2 config?


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