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Dick Trump dtrump1 at triadav.com
Thu Mar 5 00:22:06 UTC 2009

xiphmont at xiph.org wrote:
> Do not expect any of these systems, even the highest end, to be
> anywhere as reliable as a wired mic. 

Amen to that!  The very best of the best wireless microphones only attempt to be as good as wired.  It will never achieve that goal 
All other advice should be tempered with that knowledge.

> If at all possible, buy units that run on AAs, not 9v.  Rechargables,
> in general, work *very* poorly in wireless mics.  Batteries will cost
> you a surprising amount of money, and 9v make that 4x worse.

Good advice again, although there have recently been a few wireless microphones designed specifically to handle rechargables.  If they have not, the batteries will have a very short usable life and may cause problems even with brand new fully charged.  Unless the manufacturer recommends rechargables, don't even consider it.

> If at possible buy units that you make the settings using physical
> switches, preferrably requiring a screwdriver.  All-analog packs
> survive alot longer than digital packs. 

Not bad advice but only the very cheapest and a few of the most expensive fit that category anymore.

> Whatever mic you get, dropouts will be a problem.  The best units are
> better in this regard, but unless you plan to have an antenna array
> front of house less than 15' away, expect them to just randomly lose
> occasionally.   The stated ranges are fantasy.

Here's where you need somebody with real RF experience and technical knowledge.  100% may not be achievable, but a well engineered installation can come close.  I can say that at my own church, with 3 Shure ULX-P, we have NEVER had a drop out that I have witnessed in the 7 years they have been installed.  About 75' from chancel to antennas.  I'm there every Sunday.

> Sweat kills microphones.  

Only one manufacturer makes a pack that is "water resistant" - Lectrosonics.  And even then, I have a saying - "water always wins", and sweat is worse than water - much worse.

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