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jduran wrote:
> Your wisdom please!

Sennheiser is a reputable brand.  The model you cited is in their lowest cost series.  I have sold a number of these systems over the years.  Their first generation (not G2) were problematic in not being very durable.  I don't have as much experience with the G2, but the few we have sold have worked fine for several years.

My first choice for most applications is from Shure.  They also have more models to choose from, starting lower in cost and going even higher than the Sennheiser.

Other reputable brands are:

Lectrosonics (mostly high end)
Audio-Technica (wide range)
Telex (mid-range)
Sony (mid-range)

I would stay away from any brands that do not offer any products that are considerably more expensive than the Sennheiser that you are looking at.  The quality engineered into the best systems does affect the manufacturer's understanding of how to build lesser expensive systems that can perform well.

Among the differences among series within a given brand:

Durability and overall reliability
Quality of sound attributable to the microphone itself
Quality of sound attributable to the transmit/receive electronics
Range of frequencies available
Convenience in selecting compatible channels to be used simultaneously
Features such as eliminating pops or thumps when a transmitter is turned on or off, battery indicators on the receiver, remoteable antennas, etc.
How many similar units can be used simultaneously without interference
Form factor (sometimes different for differing applications)
The list goes on

A local dealer may or may not be able to give you similar pricing to Sweetwater (the price they list is Minimum Advertised Price for that product), but may be able to provide more guidance in choosing the correct product for your application.

You should only purchase from somebody that can help you choose the proper frequencies for your locality.  The manufacturers that I have mentioned all maintain databases that will provide guidance to avoid conflicts with the changing landscape of analog and digital television transmission in your area.  A dealer can and should consult that information before selling you anything.  Not doing so is negligent.  Buying mail order and just accepting what they happen to have in stock could be buying trouble.

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