[Icecast] Newbie needs help

Mike Allen mallen at familyradio.org
Tue Mar 3 19:18:17 UTC 2009

Geoff Shang wrote:
> Mike Allen wrote:
>> I am running FreeBSD v7.03 and using icecast2 which is happily relaying
>> a shoutcast MP3 stream. I want to play (mix)a pre-recorded "Stream ID"
>> file to the existing stream once per hour.
> there's no way you can *mix* the spot with other content using 
> Icecast. As has been pointed out, you'd have to do this at the source 
> of your other content.
> If you'd like the spot to override the existing content, then have the 
> other content resume once the spot has finished, this can be achieved 
> with fallbacks.
> the following mountpoints are examples, you can call them whatever you 
> want.
> Assuming your Shoutcast relay is on /relay, you could have another 
> mount called /main for example and have your Ices send the spot there 
> at the appropriate time.
> Then configure Icecast so that /main falls back to /relay and so that 
> fallback-override is enabled.
> Then, providing your listeners tune into /main and not to /relay 
> directly, the listener will connect to /main which will be 
> disconnected most of the time, and then fall through to /relay. When 
> your spot plays, your streamer will connect to /main which will pull 
> all listeners back to /main to hear the spot. When the spot finishes, 
> your listeners will once again fall through to /relay.
>> I've tried ices0 but no luck. Any help will be much appreciated.
> Note that as far as I know, Ices0 can't be told to stream a file once 
> and then exit. Ezstream can though and is probably more light-weight 
> for sucha simple thing.
> And as has been pointed out, you need to make sure all your stream 
> parameters are the same for this to work with MP3 streaming (and 
> presumably AAC as well - I've not used it). Ogg Vorbis will cope much 
> more gracefully.
> I use a three tear setup along these lines where I work, one playing a 
> backup loop of programming, one which relays a live stream if it is 
> available and one which plays prerecorded programs and repeats. The 
> prerecords play on the primary mount, which falls back to the live 
> relay and this to the backup loop. Works well.
> Geoff.

Thanks for that suggestion. I'll try to implement that ASAP! Now to 
understand 'fallbacks' etc.


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