[Icecast] Usage of on-connect and on-disconnect

Pierpaolo gullˆa sviluppo at audiias.com
Wed Jan 28 11:09:11 UTC 2009

Hi Guys ,

Now I try the script using the full path of the programs (/usr/bin ,
/usr/sbin ecc..) and all is running.

Now I have a little problem:

If I insert in the on connect or disconnect tag this script

and the script is this

/bin/echo $1 > /etc/icecast/log/1.txt
/bin/echo $1 > /etc/icecast/log/log2.txt

Only the first line is going , the second no . I try with different
programs , but always only the first line it's going.

I've tried to do this thing:

In the icecast xml insert the call to the script /etc/icecast/bin/script.sh

In this script I insert only 1 instruction


And in the script2 I insert this instructions

/bin/echo $1 > /etc/icecast/log/1.txt
/bin/echo $1 > /etc/icecast/log/log2.txt

The result is the same , only the first line is going.

How I can run more then 1 instruction?

Best regards



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