[Icecast] using flash to connect to ICECAST 2.3.2

Tillmann A. Basien | ToolBox Solution GmbH tab at tbsol.de
Mon Apr 13 17:07:55 UTC 2009

Starting on friday I download icecast 2.3.2 and compiled it on SLES10.
Very soon I was able to use ices to stream an mp3 file to a mp3
(phonostart, foobar) client via Icecast.
But my flashplayer, which was able to get streams from icacast1, was not
able to full fill his job.

I did reseaches on the net, hour for hour, found a lot of stuff. Also
some changings in format_mp3.c.

But with no success.

Does anybody has a summery, how to configure icecast.xml and/or do
changings in the code that flash player connects to an icecast2 server?

regards to anybody
a) who wrote the code
b) who can help me.



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