[Icecast] is there a way to do a "push relay"?

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Wed Apr 8 14:52:31 UTC 2009


What we do when he have to push a stream is use stream transcoder from  
oddsock.org to push streams off our servers to other servers where we don't  
have full control over to create a mount for customers.

its more then really needed but what the solution i found back when we need  
to offload some our bandwidth to other providers. Since the configure files  
were very similar to what is used in oddsock/edcast it made it a breeze to  
automate the configuration. This could be used on windows or Linux ODs ( we  
use redhat for out server software )

But that what We found that would work very well, we been able to push 10  
streams at once, we did not try more cause we did not need more :)

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