[Icecast] schedule a fallback and / 2 sources streaming at 1 server ???

kosnickx kosnickx at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 07:59:17 UTC 2008

Dick Trump wrote:
> kosnickx wrote:
>> So my question is if it is possible to schedule 
>> some sort of fallback to another mount point whenever i want to
> Yes.  I have a Windows installation where my live stream comes from Simplecast with multiple mount points with the same data.
> At certain points in the day, I need to insert alternate material to an individual mount point instead of the main stream provided by Simplecast.  I wrote a separate scheduling application that launches EZstream for the one hour inserts.  All other mount points continue to receive the main program.
First of all thanks for your answer.
Now let's see if i got it right.
You have lets say 5 mount points, all of them playing the same stream 
(from the same client - Simplecast).
Every hour you use one of these mount points (lets say #3) to insert 
alternate stream.
So with your own application (kind of scheduler i guess) you connect a 
new client (that is EZstream) to mount point 3 (i suppose only for a few 
moments - some ads and jingles maybe).
So EZstream provides mount point 3 with new stream right?
What happens to Simplecast (it was streaming to mount point 3 too - now 
both Simplecast and EZstream stream to mount point 3)?
What happens when EZstream stops streaming to mount point 3 (while, i 
guess, Simplecast kept streaming to mount point 3)?
Once again thanks.

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