[Icecast] How to subscribe new stream in icecast directory.

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Jul 17 12:28:27 UTC 2008

Salahuddin Ahmed wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
>  I am new in this community. Recently I build a new streaming station. 
> This stream in AAC. I want to subscribe this in the icecast stream 
> directory. How can I do this? please can anybody help me?

The <directory> tags for dir.xiph.org are needed (they may be commented 
out). Then you need to make your stream public which is usually a flag 
set in the source client.

BTW You may of already set the above correctly because the url you 
provided indicates that the <hostname> setting is wrong, it currently 
says localhost which is not really a valid name/IP for other internet 
users to use so the stream directory server will send a message back to 
you for that which you can see in your error log.


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